one complete service

website design

creating great visuals and simplifying complexity

We can design your website to look great no matter how it is viewed: on your desktop, netbook, tablet, mobile phone or TV. Most people think everybody else uses the web the same way they do, but research shows this to be a false assumption. Therefore, our design philosophy is to simplify without compromising on style and our expertise lies in creating websites all your visitors will find easy to use and engaging.

web development

bringing your ideas to life

We can build just about anything you can imagine. Some of the diverse projects we’ve undertaken include: online games, integrating real-time data such as live flight times, stock prices, and news; bespoke e-commerce solutions that use unique customer pricing, document management systems, e-learning and social networking. We create everything to your exact requirements and we go the extra-mile to ensure your website or application is reliable, scalable and secure.

content management

giving you direct control over your website

The way most agencies do content management (CMS) is to pair a rudimentary database with a free JavaScript based HTML editor and give it a wacky name. These systems sound good on paper, but because they’re designed to be all things to all people, they are often cumbersome to use and easy to mess up. We, however, build each system to match the unique requirements of each individual project. This allows us to simplify the CMS which makes the job of editing and updating your website as easy as possible.

managed hosting

peace of mind with secure and reliable hosting

Exclusively for our design and development clients, we provide managed hosting solutions that take the hassle out of hosting. Where applicable, this is a great way for our clients with a restricted hosting budget to take advantage of the security, reliability and performance of a dedicated server without the associated costs. We take care of all the technical aspects of your hosting so you only have one vendor to contact for all questions regarding your website.

search marketing

superior optimisation baked in from day one

We build the highest level of search engine optimisation (SEO) right in to our websites and we do it in a way that is effective without being obtrusive. It’s so seamless that some clients don’t even realise it’s there. As your website updates, our system analyses each page and automatically creates optimised titles, urls, meta tags and sitemaps for you. From day one, you’ll have a website that is search engine friendly and can be the rock upon which all future search marketing strategies are executed.

email marketing

run effective campaigns like a true professional

Every day, up to 500,000 emails are sent to registered users of websites we’ve built. Email marketing at that level brings a whole new set of challenges. Luckily for you, we’ve been there, done that, and overcome the setbacks and problems that can derail any email marketing campaign. We know exactly how emails should look and how to make sure they are delivered and read. We can integrate email marketing solutions right in to the core of your website to make the whole process of acquiring contacts, sending emails and tracking the response as simple as possible.

social media

connecting with your audience the right way

Even if social networking isn’t a big part of your marketing strategy, you can still make it easy for you and your visitors to share your website content on all the big social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+. We can develop your website to automatically generate additional meta content and thumbnail images so that each page that is shared includes a unique description and preview graphic. This will enhance the engagement with people who see your shared content.